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SeeKCrun comes from a background of respect for runners and the charities they support...Here is the model of the photo that I hope everyone regards as the model... 5x7 downloaded, with a printed text telling everyone where, what and when about the event...we want to have a photo with the the finish time in it, if possible...

We also want to photograph everyone ... vendors, volunteers, awards, families, friends. Our fee is less than the any item in the director's budget...and the results are usually the only record of the event through the years.

SeeKCrun services over 100 events most every year. I feel that we pioneered the idea. I see others attempting to duplicate this... As always, I love the idea that runners can get free photos...However, I like to think that SeeKCrun is the best product model...

Lastly, I to want to say that this has best one of the best times of my late life and I owe all of you a great deal of gratitude...Many thanks to Frank Mance, Kevin Gray,David Mefferd, Scott Beck and many other photographers for being a steady source of support for all these years...

Someday, I may tire of this, but for the last ten years I have had a great time. See you on the streets of Kansas City.


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Walker Evans