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Routinely, using Facebook or my Subscribed Newletter runners list, I ask runners for their ideas, feelings and comments regarding the running event experiences.

This is a platform for the runners that provide funds for charities in Kansas City...It may pay to listen to them...

A) In 2009, SeeKCrun asked runners to tell what they wanted in a running event and to list the details in order of importance Results

B) December 2010, I asked runners what is important to them...Results


C )Recently, 70 runners told us how they feel about paying for photos from running events Results

Maggie Truitt (Director of Brent Bays Run wrote : "Thanks! If ever I get discouraged or overwhelmed with race planning or to-do lists, I look at last year's pictures and feel renewed again! Thanks for your awesome work!"

D) Spring of 2013 I repeated the 2009 survey ...Here is the password and link to the 2013 Runners Survey.....Here is the link to Survey Monkey.... password is 2013RunSurvey

E) July, 2013, Runners were asked to compare the Finisher Medal to other features of their running events...comments are very interesting...over 800 participants! Seecomments in #4 and # 5


SeeKCrun has a purpose. After its lifetime has finished, my intention is to leave Kansas City a better place to compete, and to enjoy the running events every weekend. SeeKCrun exists only because of your good will. There is not a profit motive. So, as someone once said "Approach pleasure and avoid pain" will be my guide as SeeKCrun grows. I have mostly enjoyed the project.Be well, Dick Ross www.seeKCrun.com

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"Die knowing something. You are not here long."
Walker Evans