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Almost every weekend, I get questions regarding my event photography. Most folks think that I charge for the photos or that I am involved in some other money making activity. Actually, folks, I am retired and I enjoy taking photos of runners and constructing web sites. I can no longer run due to some extensive back surgery, so this gives me exercise and I get to be with the most healthy folks in Kansas City. Here is more for the curious....

I am interested in creating lots of traffic to and I do this by spending up to twenty hours each weekend photographing runners and their friends/family at running events. I make the 5x7 sizes available free for downloading and printing from your computer.

As of late 2009, I do not offer a "for sale" section

Event coordinators and the local running clubs have told me that this is a great service and encourage me to keep up this activity. I get very postive feedback from runners and sponsors tell me they enjoy the exposure. Questions about the legal side are handled here.

*****Recently, I have retired from my teaching job at Johnson County Community College so can no longer fund SeeKCrun photo coverage of running events.

That said, I have found that many directors will pay for my bare essentials and think that the free photos for runners is a valuable tool to get them back each year. I am asking $250. (Over 400, then $300, please?) This year, I am spending lots of time promoting runs using Admail and Facebook.

Someday, I may tire of this, but for the last five years I have had a great time. See you on the streets and trails of Kansas City.

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