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How do you make money from this? This is most often asked question that I get. Honestly, I make almost no money and if you subtract from sales my hours spent photographing and then doing the website, I am terribly in debt! <grin> I absolutely enjoy this and it is my pay. I am retired and have been studying/teaching at Johnson County Community College for several years and really enjoy having a successful web site. Interacting with the runners and the families is my benefit.

How can you afford to do this?Recently, I have left my teaching and to support this effort race directors are paying me $250.00 or more to come to their events. . Because I have more time, race promotion is my newest goal ...a real added value for the race director! I hope to add enough new runners to pay my fee!

How do I find my photo? When I take a photograph, I do my best to give you a card with instructions. The instructions will show you the web site, and then you can look for your event and your photos.

How much do the pictures cost? I make the web images available with no charge. You simply load them to your computer and print them. Do it this way, click on the small (thumbnail) image and print the larger image.

Can I buy a larger professional image? I have recently discontinued this service due to low sales . If you contact I can email you a copy of the file for printing larger photos.

Can you legally take anyone’s photo? Yes, if I am in a public place then I have no expectation of privacy, according to the laws. Yet, if someone objects, I will not take the picture.

Can you photograph anywhere? Yes, if the event is held on public property, and if other folk’s have cameras then I have the same rights. There are many statues on the books that protect my rights as a photographer. References

What software do you use? I am trained on Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Javascript, Flash, plus I use Windows Movie Maker. I have earned over 45 course credit hours at JCCC in these applications and two diplomas. So far I have found no one that can duplicate this system. The free photos are resized, labeled and posted within a mere few hours of the event...proud of this process.

Why do you do For a number of years. while I was running, my wife and I wondered why the contract photographers did not photograph the friends and families of the runners (the signs…”Go Mom” ), the large groups of volunteers, the track clubs, etc. Also we never saw the professional photographers at the small runs. I feel strongly that the runners in Kansas City contribute major sums of monies to some very good causes and they deserve recognition and some small gift for their efforts. That is why I began doing this for the Star and started seeKCrun in 2006. The major difference is the same day posting and, recently, the Star started charging for their photos.

How about the other contract photographers? Do you interfere with their income? Not necessarily. I try to take photographs that they normally don’t take…remember the “GO MOM” signs? I try to get the family shots, parent and child, awards and I do many of the smaller races where, evidently, there is no profit. As I understand it, the contract photographers make their money from contacting the runners using their bib number and the registration list eBlasts. So, if there is no bib number, then there is no way to sell the picture. However, if no contract photographer is present, you will get a much more professional coverage (free)

What events do you cover? I like running events and I try to have at least two each week. I will cover the duathlons and triathlons when I can. However, it is tough to give a card to someone in a swim suit <grin>or on a bicycle. I do the annual Johnson County Triathlons at Heritage and Shawnee Mission Park and I really enjoy the trail runs at Clinton State Park and Wyandotte County Parks.

What are your ultimate business goals? Besides recognition to the athletes and their families, I want to maintain a steady flow of visitors to . I would like have a small revenue flow from donations and director fees to afford maintaining the free photos for our runners .

Please read my comments page for more information. Thank you, Dick Ross


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